Port-Louis Harbour
Mauritius (Port-Louis) is strategically located at the cross roads of the shipping routes connecting Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. Government’s promotion in creating a Marine Services Platform will focus on growing the bunkering facilities related to economic activities that are linked to trade such as shipchandling, repairs and maintenance of vessels and crew change. To support investment in terms of bunkering and oil storage, bunker trade is liberalized to offer lower bunkering price at Port Louis.
Overview Of Port Louis Harbour
  • 3 Terminals with dedicated quays for the different calling purposes of the Marine Vessels
  • 6 Barges are currently available for bunkering at anchorage ( MT Hakassan, MT Sarah, MT Emily, MT Elise, MT Gulf Star 1, MT Tresta Star)
  • Mooring buoys within the inner harbour (maximum vessel draft 11,0 metres).
  • Outer Anchorage (between 17 and 70 metres water depth), but still within official Port Limits.
  • Pilot & tug assistance compulsory within the inner harbour for all vessels above 100 GT.
Quay Length (m) Dredged Depth (m) Type of Traffic Handled
Terminal I
A 210 12.2 Black oil, Fuel oil, Edible oil, General cargo, Maize, Molasses, Soya-bean meal, Wheat, Passengers and Inter-island trade
D 170 12.2 Black oil, Fuel oil, Edible oil, General cargo, Maize, Molasses, Soya-bean meal, Wheat, Passengers and Inter-island trade
E 135 9 Black oil, General cargo, Passengers and Inter-island trade
Trou Fanfaron I 160 5.5 Fishing Vessels
Trou Fanfaron II 185 6 Fishing Vessels
Froid de Mascareignes (P) 310 4.6 – 8.0 Fishing Vessels
Terminal II
Quay No.1 123 12.2 Black Oil, Coal, Fertilizers, White oil
Quay No.2 180 12.2 Cement, Coal, Containers, General Cargo
Quay No.3 185 12.2
General Cargo & Containers
Quay No.4 185 12.2 General Cargo, Containers, LPG & Bitumen
Bulk Sugar Terminal 210 12.2 Bulk sugar, Black oil
Mauritius Freeport Development (P) 118 7 Fish
Cruise Jetty 124 10.8 Priority to Cruise Vessels, may accommodate other types of vessels as well.
Terminal III
MCT1 280 14 Containers
MCT2 280 14 Containers
Oil Jetty 270 14.5 Tankers
P – Privately Operated Quay
Source: MPA
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Port Services
  • Compulsory for all vessels over 100 GRT
  • Round the clock service on request, with exception to white oil and LPG tankers which are berthed between sunrise and sunset
Navigational Aids
  • Automated lighthouses and navigational lights are situated at various locations in Mauritius, Rodrigues and on Flat Island to facilitate navigation.
Port Louis Harbour Radio
  • Port Louis Harbour Radio (call sign 3BB) is the official coast radio for radio communications, manned round the clock throughout the year.
Port Emergency and Environment Unit
  • Fire-watch during unloading of white oil products and other dangerous goods
  • Trained personnel operating on a 24-hour basis
  • Also equipped with anti-pollution equipment
Outer Anchorage
  • Safe anchorage is available outside the harbour limits in depths varying from 14 metres to 70 metres..
  • Lloyd's Registered Surveyors are available for marine and cargo surveys.
Cargo Handling
  • Cargo handling services are provided by the Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL)
Port Security
  • Port Louis Harbour is ISPS compliant since 1 July 2004
  • The port area is secured by a perimeter fencing system
  • Access control at various gate posts
  • CCTV control system (103 cameras), covering the perimeter, the harbour and other sensitive areas around the clock
  • Security officers work round the clock at the various facilities
  • Access passes are issued at the Central Pass Office
Other Services
Other support services provided by the port and other operators include:
  • workshop facilities,
  • garbage removal,
  • provision of fresh water supply,
  • bunkering,
  • ship repairs,
  • ship chandlers,
  • transport and logistics,
  • bulk services, cold storage,
  • warehousing,
  • Freeport facilities.
  • Underwater cleaning

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